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Magicof StephenGately
Oct 14, 2019
In Stephen
Hello everyone! I thought it might be nice to have a place for everybody to share some of their favourite photos of Steo. Given that he never took a bad photo, I know choosing a favourite will be like trying to choose your favourite child, but thought it might be fun to see what people come up with 😊. Who knows, we might even discover brand new photos which is always exciting! I'll start with one of my own personal favourites. Even though I never met Steo (one of my biggest regrets!), I have bought a number of photos from other fans over the years 😊. This is one of my favourites, taken on 23rd August 1995 - definitely one of my favourite Steo eras...and favourite Steo outfits ❤️. What are your favourites?
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Magicof StephenGately
Sep 09, 2019
In Introduce Yourself
Hello everybody! I guess I'll be the first to introduce myself. My name's Michelle and I've been a Steo fan since December 1994, from the minute I saw him on the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party. Having him in my life has truly made my world a better place and he'll always be my happy place; he also "introduced" me to my best friend. It's amazing to have a place on the internet to spend time with other Steo fans and I really hope this forum will become my second home. Lots of love, Michelle xxx

Magicof StephenGately

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