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Throughout the years, Stephen met a lot of fans and whoever met him only had nice and positive things to say about him. Stephen loved to meet fans and was deeply grateful for their unconditional support. This is your corner of the website where you can share your story of meeting Stephen and/or share a photo of you with him. If you have a photo, you can send it to us along with your story and we'll add it to this page, simply use this form.

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If I'm feeling homesick, the best cure is if I go outside the hotel and talk to our fans as they're brilliant at cheering me up.


For the anniversary of Stephen's passing in 2018, I asked fans on social media to share why they loved Stephen for a video project that I shared on Twitter on the 10th October that year. You can find the video below.

Music Credit: Glee Cast - For Good (Colombia)


Back in 1998, Stephen wrote a letter to fans for Eddie Rowley's "The Official Boyzone Poster Book", thanking them for their support and reminded them that he cared as much as they cared about him.

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