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Sep 10, 2019
In Boyzone
I saw the concert in January in the Oddessy Arena. The 23rd I couldn’t bring myself to buy the merchandise as only the tee shirt and programme had Stephen. I searched and searched. Hehe! I think for the last album I think the images and merchandise should have been like the images of Brother. Maybe that’s me. The concert blew me away. I cried. I laughed and sang along. Did anyone else think No Matter What should ha been done like Steo’s Stage? The girl was a lovely singer, but I could hear Steo’s bv’s and felt they should have let him have his Lord Lloyd Webber song. For the last concert it blew it blew me away. Felt like the old days. I came home tears in my eyes and songs in my head. I sent the ladz all messages on IG knew that they wouldn’t see them. But I had to put my thanks out there. A great way to end 26 years 😉. Ps I really do wish they would have recorded this on dvd. I know it’s seen as old school. But it would be a good way to bookend Boyzone.


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