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March 17 might be St. Patrick's day in Ireland and around the world, but to me the most important thing about today is the fact that Stephen was born 45 years ago and we had him in our life to love for 33 of them. ♥ This day will always be for celebrating him. Happy 45th heavenly birthday Steo! ♥ You are loved and missed dearly. Always.


                                                         ADMIN || March 17, 2021


Magic Radio held a special "Ronan Keating Day" yesterday (March 10) and Harriet went down memory lane with Ronan and showed him throwback photos which he had to comment on. Harriet showed him a photo from Boyzone's album "Said and Done" launch in August 1995 at Chessington World of Adventures and after reminiscing about it, Ronan briefly mentioned Stephen, calling him a "handsome little devil" ❤.  (Full video here).

And just for a little fun throwback, here's a clip of Claire Foy on the show 'Larry King Now' from 2017 where Claire mentions Stephen as her childhood celebrity crush! ;)

Lastly, quick site update: I've added a fan project video from 2018 in the fans section. Check it out!

                                                         ADMIN || March 11, 2021


Eloy De Jong recently released a new single called 'In den Sternen' ('In the Stars'), a song paying tribute to his son Milon but is also dedicated to people we love who have passed away. The accompanying video features some of his fans' loved ones gone too soon and at the end of it, the list of people the video is dedicated to, and Stephen's name is featured.

Eloy's 'In Den Sternen' video (November

Here's a recent and lovely quote from Eloy about Stephen:

quotation marks 2.png
quotation marks.png

It's not that there is only one great love to be found in life. That might sound romantic in a movie, but it's not. Stephen has a very important place in my heart forever. But sometimes love is not enough. It takes more to have a good relationship. I've been super happy with Ibo for almost 14 years now. But without Stephen I would never have become the person I am now.


Shane was a guest for James English's podcast 'Anything goes with James English' recently and talked about losing Stephen and dealing with grief and loss. Here's the clip where Shane talks about Stephen: 

                                                  ADMIN || November 26, 2020


Yesterday, a proposal was put forward by Dublin independent councillors Christy Burke and Anthony Flynn to rename Royal Canal Linear Park beside Spencer Dock on Dublin's Northside after Stephen. The amazing news was welcome by everyone, from his bandmates, to his family and fans who thought the honour was long overdue! 


The proposal was to be voted during today's council meeting and we are so happy to share that it has been passed unanimously! The park is now officially set to be renamed the Stephen Gately Dublin Park and we will keep you updated on when the change will happen!

The park opened 10 years ago and is located in the Dockland area, close to Seville Place where Stephen grew up and the St. Laurence O'Toole church. The park has a pedestrian way as well as a cycle way and also hosts the statue of Luke Kelly, the founding member of the group The Dubliners, a Sheriff Street native like Stephen.

For those unfamiliar with the area, here are some photos of the park we took this morning:


Ronan and Keith have taken to Twitter and Instagram to share their joy and support over the news. Keith joined Ray D'Arcy on RTÉ Radio 1 this morning and said he was blown away by it. He thanked the city council in a video he shared on Instagram earlier:

You can listen to his interview on the Ray D'Arcy show below:

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It’s only fitting that it is called after him as he never forgot his roots. Stephen meant so much to the people of the area. He was a local lad made big and he never forgot that. Cllr Flynn and I are delighted that our colleagues understood how his legacy should be marked. This young man was taken from his family, community and band members too soon. This is a fantastic tribute to Stephen.

                                                  ADMIN || September 8, 2020


Eloy De Jong, Stephen's boyfriend from 1998 to 2001, recently shared an extract from his biography on his social media in which he mentions his relationship with Stephen. Here is the quote:

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It was the last time I saw Stephen. I left the love of my life behind. I felt empty and helpless because I hadn't been able to help him or save us.


Eloy's biography was recently published but can sadly only be found in german. It does contain photos of Stephen and Eloy as well, which we will share on the website as soon as we receive the book. We'll also share some extracts of chapters that talk about Stephen, so watch this space!

                                        ADMIN || September 8, 2020

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